Sunday, August 10, 2014

BQ Quilt: Jungle Fever

I bought this fabric because my local fabric store had all the coordinated black and tan fabrics at a super sale price.  My friend Tisha Cabral had given me the pattern for my birthday several years ago.

I pieced the top and felt it needed some pizzazz.  So I fused on and machine appliquéd some turquoise Hawaiian Breadfruit motifs I had in a Hawaiian Quilt book.  I used a narrow zig zag for this, using polyester thread and it does not ravel or show.  I used the same turquoise fabric for the first border and for the binding, which also helped a lot.

We moved to Oregon between the piecing and the quilting, and since I don't like having UFO's laying around, I bargained with myself that I had to finish it before starting my Crazy Quilting adventure. 

It's a pretty large square quilt, 84" x 84" but I was able to free motion quilt it without too much difficulty on my Janome Horizon 7700.  I like to use a lot of different quilting designs, for added interest and for practice.  Most of the designs I know I learned from Leah Day and from Angela Walters. 

Because the fabric is somewhat reminiscent of the jungle, and because I like to name my quilts after songs when possible, this one is called "Jungle Fever."

It doesn't really match any of my décor, and I would be delighted to sell it.  Maybe I will list it on my Etsy page and see what happens.

BBBB: Boring Before Blue Breadfruit!

Breadfruit motifs applied with Wonder Under, then machine appliquéd.

Completed top

Quilting detail in turquoise border


The back is pieced, using the leftover turquoise as needed.