Friday, September 21, 2012

Quilted Batik Couch and Chair covers

For years we had been using some poorly fitting Sure Fit slip covers on our beautiful antique couch and chair, that had been newly reupholstered.  I finally decided to replace these.

These are basically rectangles that go from the bottom back up and around to the bottom front, with smaller triangle "wings" to protect the arms.  

I measured and cut each section (3 per piece of furniture), and made quilt sandwiches with flannel on the back.  I did overall meandering on all the pieces, measured and fitted again, then joined the side pieces to the main sections.  I then added matching binding all around the perimeter, machine stitching it to the front, with a decorative stitch.

I used a spiral upholstery pin here in there to keep them in place, especially where the arms curve under.

Everyone is happy and the dogs love them!

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