Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Very First Quilts

I started quilting when I was in my 20's, many years ago.  Unfortunately I have not kept photos of the quilts I made for my self and others.   I wanted to share the ones I do have.  I am asking friends to help me locate photos of others.

These are various pillows I had made.  I did not recall ever having made a log cabin, but there it is....

This is a baby quilt I made for my friend Vicky in Paris, when she had her son Jesse in September of 1983.  Last summer, Vicky entrusted it to me for repairs.  Some of the blocks are just worn out.  At the time, I also made him this little stuffed Snoopy Dog.   She still has it!  In fact she as everything I ever made for her.

Below is a (bad) photo of the first crazy quilt I ever made.  Back in the day I made 3 of them, all three hand sews with embroidery stitches.  How I could have let this go, as I have no idea what happened to it, is beyond me...

Here is another photo of it.

Here is the second one, which I made for a boyfriend....  It was whole cloth,  mostly velour, with puffy batting and a flannel backing. Circa 1976.
 Until I happened upon this photo a few months ago, I did not remember entering a quilt in the La Plata County Fair (Durango, CO), much less winning Second Premium!   This hand embroidered whole cloth quilt was made for another boyfriend.  This was around 1976.

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