Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peter's Memorial Tee Shirt Quilt

This is a quilt I made for my friend Debbie after her son passed away at the young age of 40 last year.

She gave me all his favorite shirt and asked me to make a quilt for her and Peter's sister, Mackenzie. 

This was my first FMQ project.  I learned the designs on Leah's website, drew them, tested them on a muslin square, then FMQ'd each tee shirt block.  Each of the 36 blocks uses a different design from the Free Motion QuiltThis was a very fun and rewarding project. I then assembled them using QAYG and Marguerita's McManus Crazy Short Cut Quilts method.

The link to the Flickr set should show more detailed photos of  the FMQ on all 36 blocks and my assembly process.

Cartman, and Brain CoralMuppets, with PaisleyDirt Enthusiast, with StipplingGrizzly Bear, with Tree BarkHoly Crop, with Trippy TrianglesFrontier Whiskey, with Cornstalks
My Nutty Family, with (modified) Giant DahliaDive the Planet, with Kelp ForestReflection, with Poseidon's Eye.  It is actually much blacker, but I had to lighten the photo to show the stitches.  The black thread on black fabric is hard to see while quilting as well.Peace, with variegated Pebbles and Flame Rays. This one turned out pretty wild!  What can I sayIreland, with Shamrock Chain. Can you spot the 4 leaf cloverCereal Killer, with Flowing Glass.  This is really very black, and was hard to photograph!
Turntable, with Super Daisy & Spiral PebbleProtected by Chihuahua, with Heart PaisleyMolalla FFA with Swirling FeathersAztec DJ with Golden ArchesOld Navy with Matrix RaysFord Fever with Peppermint Candy
New York with Sharp Angled MazeStewie with H2OBlackjack, with Loop D Loop CardsNot Perfect, with Variegated Rainbow EchoWit Sec, with Bed of RosesBears Love People, with McTavishing

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