Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dining Room Makeover

Because quilting and other fun projects always come first, I have neglected to make proper dining room cushions, placemats and napkins.  

Last night I decided that I was probably not going to make another quilt with Oriental fabrics, and I may as well use those gorgeous fabrics to make said cushions, placemats and napkins.

Here is what we have been using for probably 8 years!  These are from Walmart and the foam disintegrates if you handle them too much.  They don't even fit the chairs!

I pretty much know what to do, have looked at a few tutorials and this should be pretty straight forward.  I don't plan to use a zipper and pillow forms.  I will stuff them with polyfil and I think they will be washable that way.

 Here is the pattern I drafted on craft paper.

This is the lovely fabric.  I had over 3 yards of it!

This is some Kona Black that I have had for a while.  I was going to make a quilt with it but it has been in the drawer for a long time. It will be on the bottom of the cushions.

This is the cushion boxing from Robert Kaufman brown Fusions, and 10 miles of piping I made last night from the oriental fabric. The white stuff is batting.  I will first layer the Oriental fabric, batting and some muslin and quilt it lightly to give it some body.  I do hope I am able to quilt it only lightly.  My tendency is to quilt things to death, but here I cannot afford to do that since all is already cut to size and I don't want to have any shrinkage.

This photo does not do the fabric justice; it is much more golden in color, more like the photo at the top.

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