Friday, October 17, 2014

Organizing Embroidery Threads

I have been collecting embroidery threads for a while and it was easy to just keep the skeins in a box. But now that I am actively embroidering and embellishing CQ blocks, the skeins laying all over my table, in addition to the bits of loose thread, are quite unmanageable.

I had purchased the little plastic flat DMC "spools" but had not used them yet.  Last night I took a few hours to undo all my skeins and wrap them onto the spools.  I had just the right amount!  I saved the part of each label that had the number on it and tucked that down under the thread.

I looked around the web and found a few good ideas: a Spool Rack, and also a tip for holding floss while winding it.  The article I read suggested using a mason jar, but my tea was handy and the handle keep it from slipping down.

By the time I found the spool rack idea I had already wound my flat plastic spools and for now I am happy.  It all fits in my plastic DMC box (which is now full).

This is only for my 6 strand floss.  For my #5 Perle, I have undone and cut the skeins and looped them onto a large embroidery hoop.  I can just pull on a piece from the knot and it comes right out, just one strand.

The #8 and #12 Perle cotton comes in neat balls so I have not done anything with those except put them in a box propped up against the wall.  On the side is my (for now) small collection of silk ribbon.  I have more on the way, so I will have to figure out something to organize that.


  1. I love the floss-box. Here in Germany a fitting on the box floss-winder is availible for maybe just 4-5$. It's a real great little helper and winding the floss gets totally fast. ^^
    Greetings. Rike

  2. Hello Rike, thank you for your comment. I have seen the winder here too, but I had already wound all by hand! Hugs.