Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TAST 136 & 137 - Knotted buttonhole band and Beaded Knotted buttonhole band

This stitch is really challenging for me!  I am trying it for the third time.  I think the problem is that I am not piercing the first knot, but just going behind the bar again.

On the third attempt I did pierce the knot but perhaps I have the scale wrong. My foundation bars are about 3/8" tall and 1/4" apart. 


  1. HI Nicky I think you are trying this on foundations stitches that are too wide apart - try it closer and I am sure you will have a better time of it. My bars are much closer about 1/16th apart and not so high
    hope this helps

  2. I have another suggestion. Before tightening the first knot, insert the needle, then pull the thread tight over the first knot and the needle, then pull the needle out. That way it is easy to pierce the first knot. I hope it makes sense and you find it helpful.

  3. Sharon and Queenie, Thank you both for your suggestions! It helped a lot to keep the needle in the first knot as I was pulling it tight. I did still have trouble knowing what angle to pierce the knot and where the thread should be. Sometimes my action undid the first knot.