Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shawkl's Basic Crazy Qulting Class

I had gathered my fabrics and last night completed my first block.  As I was piecing it I was thinking the fabrics were too dark.  Sure enough, they were.  So I am gathering new fabrics in beige tones.  One of them is a white tone on tone I am dyeing in coffee.  It should be ready this morning.

The idea is to have the fabrics be light enough to see the pencil marks used as templates for the stitching.  The instructor has to be able to see them in the photos and I have to be able to see them to stitch the seams.

These are the original fabrics:

Here is the block.  A bit too dark and too busy.

Here is the second selection of fabrics, minus the one being dyed.

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