Thursday, November 6, 2014

Benson's Quilt - Fur Photo Printed on Fabric!

I am happy with my quilt so far.  The four borders are pieced, although there is at least one area (near the top right) where I may add an additional piece (see third photo).

I feel that the frame print in the center has too much blue, so here is what I did.  I took a number of photo's of Lily's fur (same color as Benson's fur was) and arranged them on my photo software to print all 12 photos with no spaces in between. Then I printed it on white fabric using the freezer paper method.

The next step is to cut the fabric into strips and piece it together. Or maybe sew the three sheets together and then cut into strips.  Whatever is easiest.  

 I will then turn under the long edges and appliqué it over the square flowered border on the frame print.

This photo shows a mock up with the fur photos printed onto paper and temporarily glued to the frame.   Benson is still in the hoop, but I have printed a larger and more saturated image to use on the real project.  

This is one of my fur fabric sheets, printed onto fabric using freezer paper.  I used the same sheet of FP three times and it kept working!

Wow!  Printing one's own fabric has endless possibilities...  More will be revealed. 

Here is the finished pieced border.  I think I want to assemble the quilt before starting the embroidery.  I hope it won't be too unwieldy.  

I want to do two steps of trapunto: one behind the photo of Benson, and one on the back of the two sets of  "leaves" framing his photo.


  1. Looking over your progress on this quilt just makes me want to shed tears of joy, even though it is so sad you've lost Benson. You have made these techniques your own to create something so meaningful and beautiful. Love that printed fur fabric, too!
    Thank you for giving me such a beautiful and gratifying experience, to see that I could be of service in some small way...~~Allie

  2. Allie, thank you for your encouraging words and for having taught me so much.

    I have many Craftsy classes, and yours is by far my favorite and the one I have watched the most. It is clear and complete and your voice is kind. And I love your book as well; I had bought the paper version before getting the PDF version with the class. I am honored to have you in my online community!

    The quilt is coming along and I hope you will check back to see my progress. Next I want to make your Needle Cushion! I have been saving wools.

    Take care, Nicky