Thursday, November 20, 2014

Completed CQ Basic Class Block

I have finished Kathy's Shaw's Basic Crazy Quilt class project, and look forward to her upcoming classes.  I learned a lot and got to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Following Kathy's instructions, I triple reinforced the stitching on all the beads I had previously sewn on and I added some silver beads to seam #7 with the Cretan and straight stitches near the center of the block. These beads ain't goin' nowhere! 

I added a silk ribbon dragonfly in the center as well as some dyed and beaded lace butterflies. The dragonfly was made with pale pink and white ribbon, as that's all I had, and then color was added with permanent markers. The wings are ribbon stitches, and the body and head are various sizes of French knots. My husband pointed out that my dragonfly is a little crooked, and he is.  That's what I get for stitching until midnight.  I followed one of Kate's wonderful tutorials over at for the dragonfly over at Crafty Attic

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and am grateful to Kathy for all the knowledge she freely passes on!

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