Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Update on Benson's Quilt

Yay, the top border is almost done!  I stayed up until midnight doing this and then just had to quit and go to bed.  I am just loving this Freezer Paper Method!  Thank you, Allie Aller!  The turned under edges are appliquéd down with a narrow zigzag using clear there.   It lays very flat and is a breeze to do.  I use lots of pins and stitch slowly.

I am thinking of doing some trapunto work behind the flower shaped center medallion.  And of course Benson's image will be round.  I plan to reprint it, a little larger, and hopefully with better resolution.  He is looking a little lost in the middle of all this!

I have used two methods to print the photos.  The first is to iron freezer paper onto tight weave cotton, trim to exactly 8 1/2 x 11" and run through the printer.  Then I peel off the freezer paper, and soak the piece in vinegar for 10 minutes to set the ink and let dry.  No rinsing.  The second is to print onto TAP paper, and then iron onto fabric.  


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of Benson. Your memorial crazy quilt will be a treasure. I enjoy seeing your process. (I love Allie Aller's book, too.) I have not ventured into printing onto fabric, though I have a couple of projects in my mind that would require it. Of the two methods you have tried, which do you like best? Did you soak in plain white vinegar? Or is it diluted?

  2. Hi Renee, thank you for your kind words. I am sad, but this project is helping a lot. I like both methods of printing to fabric. Of course the freezer paper method is so cheap! The TAP paper makes a nice rich image, but does have a plastic feel to it. Allie writes that a needle hole in it will stay. I soak the FP method fabric in pure white vinegar, in a shallow food storage container, for 10 minutes. Then dry on paper towels or with hair dryer if you can't wait! I did something totally different with printing on fabric for this quilt, and will show it right now in my latest post.