Friday, November 30, 2012

50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars Update

Well, I thought this was finished.  It was bound, washed and on on my bed!  Then I realized that it didn't come down to cover the side boards on our bed.  I don't know what I was thinking of...  I was focused on having 7 x 7 blocks, for a total of 49.   7 x 12" is 84," right? 

I know how big my bed is, and it did not occur to me until yesterday that I should have made more stars, or added a border, since I really need 96."

So the other day I went to buy some fabric to make a border.  It will be 6" wide and green.  It will be quilted and then added in QAYG.  I am kind of excited about trying this, having read about several ways of doing it.  And I can practice some border busting designs!!!

Luckily I had enough backing and sashing fabric left, although  I had to piece it.  I don't mind this a bit, in fact, I like being able to use what I have.  Plus, I could get no more of these if I wanted to...


So, I am not done.  Here is the border fabric.

Today is my birthday, and we just got back from lunch and a movie.  I am ready to get cracking on my new UFO !!

I would like to get this done quickly, as I want to make a Victorian outfit to wear to the Dickens Faire in San Francisco next month.  I haven't sewn garments in quite a while, so I want to take my time with it.


  1. I did a workshop once on this and trialled it at home on a smaller piece...worked really well.
    I attached the border and backing in one hit, then put the batting in between and quilted it. Is that how you were thinking of doing it?

  2. Hi Karin, I am going to cut, sandwich and quilt the borders, then attach them one at a time using QAYG. This way I will have smaller sections to quilt. The quilt will be 96x96 with the borders.

    I have also seen the method you described and would use that for sure on a smaller piece.

  3. Well, bummer! It sure is pretty in it's almost thought you were finished state! :)

  4. That's normally so typical for me! I measure and calculate five times and then I finish in another size.

    I love your stars, maybe I can start another quilt with stars? ----No no, to many UFOs!

  5. I think quilt as you go is probably the best way to handle this. I have not done any of that kind of thing since the early 70s. That was a hand quilted quilt and done with a system that was just awful and nothing like the ones I've seen during the last few years. The newer machine methods probably will work. Good luck.

  6. the quilt is absolutely gorgeous can't wait to see the end result your quilting looks fantastic x

  7. Absolutely breathtaking!! great job.

  8. What a wonderful quilt!!! I have the 50 Fabulous paper pieced stars book and only got a few done. When I realized that it took me about an hour per quarter block, I knew I couldn't spend that much time per block!!! I sure admire you for having the fortitude to do all 50: amazing!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg