Monday, November 19, 2012

Basic Swirl

Angela Walters' book, "Free Motion Quilting," arrived today from Amazon and I'm thrilled.  I opened the book to take a look and started drawing the first design on my new small dry erase board.  I found it very hard to draw, but when I made a practice sandwich and started to quilt it, it came together almost right away!  This is the first time I have "gotten it" with regard to changing directions with swirls.  Yay!  Not perfection by any means, but definitely progress.


  1. What a great first practice run!! You'll be a pro in no time!! Happy Quilting!!

  2. Hi... I bought the book a couple of months ago myself and had the same experience. This was the first time I 'got' the swirl with the hook design (and believe me I had tried before) and was able to stitch it into my practice quilt. Have since tried a few others and am absolutely thrilled with it. It is just so well written and illustrated. Your practice sample looks great. Would not have thought that this is the first time you tried that.