Monday, November 19, 2012

River Path on Section 3 of my "50 Fab Stars Quilt

Only one more to go!  These paper pieced blocks have been quite a challenge to quilt on a large scale, because of the busy patterns and colors as well as the thick seams.  But, once it is all together and washed, I am sure it will look great!

Another thing I realized last night was the importance of the batting.  I used a thin cotton batting from Joann's on this, which my Janome Horizon does not like very well.  I pulled out some old practice squares made with Warm and Natural or with Quilter's Dream Poly Select and stitched a bit on these, and my quilting was much better.

I am so glad I recently ordered 3 king size packs of Quilter's Dream Poly Select from Fabric Depot, at 30% off !!   I also orded the Kona Snow to get started on the Craftsy BOM with Amy.


  1. Good to know on the batting. I haven't tried Quilters Dream yet. Unfortunately, warm and white at JoAnns is so convenient. I'm not happy with the warm and white either. It's so stiff! I'm looking for something with a better drape.Your stars are looking beautiful!

  2. Hi Danielle, Quilters Dream is what Leah uses most of the time. I used it on my purple OBW and it was easy to use.

    The batting I am using for the Stars is Mountain Mist Cream Rose, that I bought at Joann's, on sale. I won't be buying that again. My needle seems to be bouncing all over the place with this thin cotton batting.

    I trust that the quilt will poof up once it is done and washed. Right now it isn't very poofy. Don't tell Leah, but I also spray basted this one... :)

  3. I've been pretty happy with the warm and natural on a small scale, but haven't tried a large quilt yet. Still working on my quilt top. :). I haven't been able to find the quilters dream, so thanks for the info.