Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quilt Along #40 : Flower Power on Section 2 of "50 Fab Stars" Quilt

Here is Section 2 of my stars quilt using this week's homework assignment, Flower Power. This stitch was somewhat challenging because of all of the intersections on these paper pieced blocks.

On this particular section I used basting spray, which makes it look pretty flat with this cotton batting.  Once it is assembled and washed, it will be poofier.  I can really notice the difference between this section and the one I did using Matrix, which I pinned.


  1. More pretty stars! I have gotten away from spray basting. I once washed a sample that I spray basted. it still had raw edges. I noticed the spray didn't wash out. I peeled the top layer just to see and it was still sticking. I'm sure it would eventually wash out, but honestly, I have less pucker problems with pins.

  2. I will probably go back to pinning. I had stopped using pins because I had to do it on our hardwood floors, and it hurt my back and knees after a while. I will probably also go back to quilting the whole quilt, instead of in sections. Each method has its tradeoffs.

  3. I haven't had good luck with spray basting - I'm a klutz! A few years ago, I began using Sharon Schamburg's method: I often use pins instead of basting - either works great. I couldn't do the floor due to a broken back. Even though I am now recovered, I still use this method - I love it! ~Jeanne

  4. Jeanne, I am pretty sure that I have watched Sharon's video; I believe she sprays on a wall, using gravity to help smooth the quilt. When the weather is nice I spray baste outside on our upper back deck, which is right outside my sewing area, after sweeping off the trex. My husband helps by holding the corners up while I smooth out from the center. He is a life saver.

    This is still working on my knees, but it goes a lot faster than pinning. I think my biggest complaint about this quilt is the thin cotton batting I used.

    Last night I finished putting the 7 QAYG sections together, and only have the binding to go! I can't wait to wash and dry it; I am hoping that the spray will come out and it will get pouffier!!